SCORM Consultancy

SCORM Consultancy

Getting your LMS to track your in-house content requires making them SCORM-compliant. SCORM is an e-learning standard that defines communication between the LMS and course so that the learner's progress can be stored in the system.

Just provide us with your content, be it MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Adobe PDF or Flash, and let our SCORM experts do their magic.

What HVS OffersWhat We Offer

Digital media we can convert to SCORM:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Adobe PDF
  • Adobe Flash (With or without source codes)

Course parameters we can track:

  • Course status (Not attempted, incomplete, completed)
  • Time taken for each attempt
  • Score for each attempt
  • Bookmark information
  • % of course completed

Why Choose HVS?Why Choose Us?

We have created more than 150 hours of SCORM-compliant courses as part of our e-learning courseware creation service, and converted more than 50 hours of non-SCORM-compliant content for LMSes such as SABA, Blackboard and Vista.

Moreover, our SCORM expert happens to be one of our directors, Hayden. This has been his pet subject since the start of his career, when the SCORM standard was first introduced! It was the focus of his undergrad thesis, for which he obtained a distinction. He went on to publish a white paper on it and presented the white paper in an e-Learning forum in Beijing in 2006.

With his mentorship, we wouldn't dare disappoint you, now would we?