Courseware Creation

e-Learning Courseware Creation

e-Learning has gained widespread adoption over the last decade as a cost-effective alternative to classroom training.

Our approach to e-learning courseware creation is to not only be smarter & faster, but a whole lot more fun. We do this by engaging them with animations, interactivities and games. Together with sound learning pedagogy, the end result is a totally customised learning experience users actually enjoy.

What HVS OffersWhat We Offer

Type of corporate courses we create:

  • Compliance Training
  • System Training
  • Induction Programme
  • Organisation-specific Content

End-to-end service we provide:

  • Analyse content and provide recommendations
  • Create design specifications
  • Compose storyboard
  • Prototype course based on a portion of storyboard
  • Design graphics and animations
  • Program interactivities and navigation
  • Record and integrate voice-overs
  • Implement SCORM-compliance
  • Alpha-test and beta-test on LMS
  • Internationalise - Convert course to different languages

Why Choose HVS?Why Choose Us?

With over 150 hours of content created and more than 50 projects completed, locally and overseas, we have a proven track record. You can trust us to deliver the same level of commitment and quality that made us the preferred e-learning courseware provider for 2 major banks, OCBC Bank (7 years) and Bank of Tokyo Singapore (3 years).