About HVS

About HVS

Established in 2006, High Velocity Solutions was founded by 2 aspiring individuals with a passion for training and education. Hailing from an IT background, our founders dedicated their careers to enhancing and streamlining training through the use of internet technology. E-Learning naturally became the answer.

What started out as a home-based operation has now grown into a full-service multimedia company that specialises in enabling e-learning in the corporate space. We have had the privilege to serve numerous esteemed organisations in fast-tracking their e-learning initiative, and are proud to still be the preferred vendor for many of these organisations. We welcome you to hop on board and grow with us as we continue to make a difference in training and education through e-learning.

Our Mission

We have one main focus:

1. Making jobs easier by building smarter & faster products.

We also believe in building a product that fits your needs. In short:

2. We get things done, the way you want.

Our Founders


Hayden Lak

Ever the perfectionist, Hayden always asks 'how can I do this better?', and continues to push the envelope through new technology and innovation. His passions include snowboarding and video games.


Vincent Wong

Creative thinking is Vincent's forte. He works in mysterious ways, but always gets the job done before you can say 'smarter & faster'. He is also a fierce competitor and excellent basketball player.